proform valve spring compressor

Proform Pneumatic Valve Spring Compressor

First Impressions and Features

Cut cylinder head assembly and disassembly time in half with the Proform pneumatic valve spring compressor. Builds 350 lbs. of force with 125 psi, and will operate on a minimum of 100 psi. The compressor arm slides for adjustment, employing a locking pin for rapid, easy installation. Works on most cylinder heads.

Field Test Updates

We are testing the Proform pneumatic valve spring compressor at Garage 808 in Eugene, Oregon. The guys at Garage 808 build plenty of race engines. They are quite happy with the time and effort they are saving with this new tool. Significant shop time was saved (and therefore more money was made) on a couple of recent LS engine builds.


Conclusions will be added at the end of our FTJ test period.

Proform valve compressor
Fast setup, quick fit, easy to operate controls and clearance in all of the right places make the Proform Valve Compressor a great addition to the shop’s arsenal of tools.
valve compressor locking pin
Easy, straight-forward adjustment is accomplished with a simple telescoping frame and a locking pin.

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