NetBright lights

NetBright Security Lights

These wireless lights by MrBeams communicate with each other in a wireless network to turn on all lights when the motion sensor on one is activated. They are ideal for perimeter, landscape and security lighting. They don’t require an electrical source or any wiring between lights in the system. Each operates on three D cell batteries, which last a long time because lights activate only in the dark and time out when motion is no longer detected.

In our testing we found the lights to install quickly and easily with a positive base for mounting on trees, fence posts, deck rails – almost anything you can think of. The mounting base allows for very versatile placement and aiming of the light.

They hold up well in all weather conditions, the network activates with lights over

Light output is 200 lumens per light with light coverage up to 400 sq ft per light. One set of batteries provides up to 30 hours of light.  Connectivity range is up to 150 feet and a network can include up to 50 lights.


3LW_1351 3LW_1349 3LW_1346 3LW_1345 3LW_1339 3LW_1337

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