Black & Decker Trimmer/Edger

Black & Decker 20 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Trimmer/Edger

12" 20v MAX Lithium High PerformanceTrimmer and Edger
12″ 20v MAX Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger


By Mark Walton

First Impressions and Features

The first thing you notice about this trimmer is no power cord and no pull cord. It’s cordless and gas-less. It’s both quiet and very portable.

It’s well balanced and has a nice feel. When you hold the middle handle it easily finds the operating position.

The trimmer head has only one string coming from it.

There is a wheel that indicates its ability to be used as an edger. This should aid in keeping it at the right height and lined up for edging.

There is a two-speed power switch.

The “trigger” is about 5 inches long, which means you can use your entire grip to turn it on.This should eliminate fatigue in the trigger finger by sharing the load.

It has a release so it can be telescoped to change the length for different users, applications, storage and transport.

There is a release button to rotate the head for edging, which should eliminate the typical contortions of turning a trimmer on edge while operating it.

Field Test Updates

At first it seemed the rpm of the machine would be too slow. But we haven’t found any problems with it getting through the grass and weeds on the edges of the four lawns we’ve been testing it on.

Battery life has been good, but remember to charge after each use. If the battery is dead, forget about getting a quick charge like we do on our professional cordless batteries. This one takes hours, so plan ahead.

The rotating head and wheel are really quite useful for edging. It’s super easy to change over and the wheel rolls along our sidewalks with ease.

We’ve been using this tool weekly for several months and it is still going strong.


This Black & Decker 20 Volt trimmer/edger has been a great tool to have for taking care of lawns on both sides of town. When I’m done with the yards at our home office I can easily reduce the size of the trimmer with the height adjustment and throw it in the trunk of my car and then extend it back out once I get to our rental house across town.

This trimmer gives you the best of both worlds compared to gas or electric trimmers. You don’t have the mess, smell and noise of an expensive a gas machine and there is no power cord to mess with like you have with a corded electric trimmer.
It has the power to get the job done for typical grass edging and it’s a nice size and weight for hauling around. The battery charges in under 2 hours and, like most lithium-ion batteries, runs at full power until the battery runs out. Battery life is excellent. It lasts for front and back yards of the two houses I do lawn care on without need for charging between houses.

Easy conversion to edger is a great feature that allows you to switch from trimmer to edger in seconds by pushing a release button and rotating the head. Balance and ergonomics are excellent especially with a height adjustment that allows you to extend or retract the handle as needed for the user and for transport or storage.
While the lightweight construction of this tool probably would not hold up to everyday professional use, we highly recommend it for the home use.

Includes a wheeled edging feature.
Includes a guide wheel to steady the head while edging.
The head rotates to the edging position. This is a very useful feature.
We got excellent battery life from the 20 volt lithium battery.
The unit came with one battery and the charger is a bit slow.



The main tube telescopes. Here it is in the compact position.
With the tube extended, the unit is long enough for a comfortable level cut for our tallest tester at 6’3″.

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