Bolt Lock for Monster Hook



MILWAUKEE – BOLT Lock has joined with Monster Hook to provide their “Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology” on a new swivel hook produced in conjunction with Monster Hook. Swivel hooks produced by Monster Hook are already sturdy due to being crafted from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, but the BOLT Lock technology will bring added security by supplying a lock specifically programmed to the vehicle’s ignition key.
Recovery hooks are an important accessory for pickup trucks, SUVs and Jeeps(r). Monster Hooks swivel hooks are designed to be 99-percent faster than other 3/4-inch pin shackle hooks due to the latching mechanism rather than the standard method of unscrewing the top in order to loop the tow strap. The addition of the BOLT lock located on the hook itself prevents the pin used to attach the hook to the vehicle from moving freely when locked. Using BOLT lock technology, the new Locking Recovery Hook will be the first locking hook on the market.
Using specially crafted tumblers, BOLT locks memorize the vehicle’s ignition key upon the first insertion and rotation. Each lock produced by BOLT is make/model/year specific due to the differences of the keys produced by each vehicle manufacturer. By programming each lock to the vehicle’s ignition key, BOLT removes the hassle of key clutter and makes the locks harder to tamper with, providing a more secure, yet highly convenient, option.
“All of us at BOLT Lock are really excited to work with Monster Hook to create this new Recovery Hook incorporating BOLT technology,” said Jason Buckles, Sales Account Manager for BOLT Lock. “We’re always proud to be able to work with other companies to be able to bring the convenience of BOLT innovation to their products.”
The new Locking Recovery Hook made in partnership with Monster Hook is just one more application where BOLT has incorporated their unique technology into products offered by other companies. BOLT engineers can incorporate the company’s proprietary locking mechanisms into virtually any product to solve a variety of locking challenges.

About BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology)
     BOLT locks come with a limited lifetime warranty. Find a BOLT retailer by using the zip code finder at BOLT locks are also available at 4-Wheel Parts stores,, Cabela’s, Pep Boys, and For more information, visit or call 844.972.7547. Follow BOLT:, Instagram: @BOLTLock or Twitter: @BOLTLock

Protect Valuable ATVs, UTVs and Trailers with Patented BOLT One-Key Lock Technology.

BOLT Cable Lock ATV-2 hi-resMILWAUKEE – On the road or on the trail, in the city or out in the country, valuable all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility task vehicles (UTVs) and trailers can be prime targets for thieves. Protect an ATV or UTV investment and simplify multiple security needs with STRATTEC Security Corporation’s BOLT line of locks, precision-designed by the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive locks and keys. All BOLT locks feature patented one-key lock technology, an innovation which permanently programs the lock to the vehicle’s ignition key and allows for the use of just a single key no matter how many BOLT locks are in use. The first time the key is inserted into the BOLT lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move, immediately coding the cylinder to that unique key. For security on a trailer, overnight, all day, or just a quick stop, rugged, weather-resistant BOLT Cable Locks can be used to secure vehicles to a trailer or a fixed object. Cable Locks are six feet long, madefrom 1/4-inch coiled cable with black vinyl coating and are coil sprung for compact storage. BOLT technology provides improved levels of security with an automotive-grade stainless steel lock shutter, a crush-resistant body shell and a six-plate tumbler sidebar that prevents picking and bumping. For ATV/UTV trailer protection, STRATTEC offers two BOLT Receiver Locks to lock the trailer to the hitch for Class I through Class V hitches. The 5/8-inch Receiver Lock is ideal for most trucks and SUVs with a Class III, Class IV and Class V hitch, and a
1/2-inch Receiver Lock fits Class I and Class II hitches. Receiver Locks feature a durable, stainless steel pin, rugged cover jacket and automotive-grade lock shutter to keep out weather and debris. For peace of mind when leaving hitched vehicles unattended, the BOLT Coupler Pin Lock features an adjustable pin, making it ideal for a wide range of coupler sizes. The weatherproof BOLT Coupler Pin Lock fits couplers from 1/2-inch to 3 3/8-inch and is adjustable in increments of 1/8-inch to create a snug fit in any size. The lock is designed to slide easily along the stainless steel pin and is engineered with no exposed shackle, helping further deter theft.