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In the process of providing content for magazines, websites and instructional videos, we test lots of new products. Field Test Journal is our way of getting the word out about products that we actually use in our community service projects,  on the job site, in the shop, at home and out camping, riding, hunting and fishing.

Our tests are not in the lab. They reflect how we use the products in real life situations. We’ll tell you how and where we used them and if they did the tasks we asked them to do.

We try to use the machines as they were intended. We won’t ask a small displacement trail ATV to perform on the dunes and we won’t try to drill large holes in concrete with a small 3/8″ cordless. We try to note when a tool is commercial grade for the pros and when it will work well for occasional use by homeowners.

Our truck tests take into account that most truck owners are brand loyal and shoppers are looking for the model with features to fit his/her lifestyle and budget.

In most cases we are not trying to compare all of the available competitive products. We are saying, “Here’s what we use and here is how it works.” For most of our pro level tools, we do considerable research to choose the tools we use on the jobsite and in the shop.

Editor: Larry Walton, Master Carpenter, Photojournalist for outdoor and home improvement magazines


Robin Walton, CPA, Village Missionary, freelance writer

Tim Walton, Tuner, Calibrator, Mechanic at StreetForged


Chad, Master Carpenter at Chad Walton Construction, ATV enthusiast, hunter, fisherman

Darrin, automotive and farm equipment mechanic

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