2015 Polaris S 900

2015 Polaris RZR S 900

The all new Polaris RZR S 900 is designed to replace the S 800. Don’t confuse it with the XP 900, which was the prequel to the XP 1000 and has trailing arm suspension and more power.

You have to check out our video shot at Coral Pink Dunes and Hog Canyon in Utah.


The S 900 is significantly less expensive than the XP 1000 and is a big upgrade from the S 800.

The new 75 hp ProStar EFI engine puts out 40% more power than the 800 and not only is it 40% stronger it’s also 2 inches longer than the 800.

The A-arm suspension is much improved with more travel, better ground clearance and higher shock reservoir oil capacity for less fade. This all adds up to a smoother ride and a better able to take on rough terrain like whoops.

Polaris S 900Still at 60 inches wide like the S 800, the S 900 features newly engineered wheel offsets and tires that move the effective stance out as wide as possible, which makes cornering significantly better than the 800 S. The handling is all is also enhanced by 20% faster steering and improved close ratio all-wheel-drive system that engages the front wheels quicker and pulls stronger from the front.

Also borrowing from the XP 1000, the S 900 gets an additional 1 inch of leg room, better seats and a deeper cargo box compared to the S 800. All this with a price tag that is almost $6000 less than the 1000, which helps you understand where it falls in the Polaris lineup.


Polaris RZR 900 2LW_8083 2LW_8162



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